Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mango Habanero or Asian Zing?

These are two sauce choices at Buffalo Wild Wings. When Michael asked me which one he should have tonight I instinctively said, "Asian Zing." That flavor is somewhere towards the beginning of the spicy section of sauces and generally sounded like what he would like best. The Mango Habanero, on the other hand, is only two away from the spiciest sauce they offer. The list goes (roughly) like this:

* Sweet BBQ
* Teriyaki
* Mild
* Parmesan Garlic
* Medium
* Honey BBQ
* Spicy Garlic
* Asian Zing
* Caribbean Jerk
* Hot BBQ
* Hot
* Mango Habanero
* Wild
* Blazin™

Well apparently Michael was in a daring mood tonight and he chose the mango habanero, the rest of our meal was definitely interesting! I'm usually the slower eater of the two of us and tonight he took at least twice as long as me to finish his dinner. I have to say...watching him struggle through the basket of wings was kind of funny. The expressions he made were worth remembering, I kind of wished I'd had my camera there. Towards the end of his basket he started drenching the things in catsup and then in blue cheese dressing on top of that. It looked absolutely vile and disgusting but he said that little dipping procedure was helping offset the spiciness of the wings.

To each his own I guess as the saying goes...but I personally don't think I'll be trying the mango habanero sauce again any time soon, yikes!


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Mom (aka Jo Ellen) said...

I would have enjoyed watching those faces!

Love, Mom