Monday, November 12, 2007

It's freaking cold in here!

OK so I'm trying to be an adult and not complain too much but this house is absolutely frigid! Michael and I are making a huge effort this year to reduce our carbon footprints, and also cut down on our home heating/energy costs. We run a program on our thermostat so that the house will be warm when kids are here but that's about the only time. Overnight and when we're not home it goes down to about 60-62 degrees and then when I'm here alone we keep it at 66. Right at the moment I'm wearing three top layers, jeans, socks and slippers but my feet are still cold. I really don't want to change the program because I know it's going to make a big difference when that bill comes in but...BRRRRRR!

No babies will be here today. Baby Ava is sick, which I feel really bad about. Becca isn't coming until Wednesday. In terms of timing this is good since I have an Earth Science exam tonight and two huge projects due later this week but it's never good when they're I always miss those girls when they're not here...


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