Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cold November Days

Well November is upon us and the weather is doing its part to serve as a reminder of what time of year it is. Today when I got up the heat hadn't kicked into its program yet and our house was only 61 degrees, brrrrrrrr!

For some ODD reason I've been feeling the Christmas bug already this year. Normally I can't get into the spirit until at least after Thanksgiving, if even then but this year (though I haven't yet) I could even go for some Christmas tunes! Purely for principle reasons though I REFUSE to turn on 100.3 or any other radio station that's cramming Christmas down our throats already...I simply cannot partake in that nonsense. Besides...even though Americans no longer know what it's like to want for something or to wait a while to have their desires met...maybe deliberately leaving my quench for Christmas unanswered will make it all that much sweeter when the time does come. :) Here's hoping anyway.

Today looks to be busy. Right now it's just me and little Ava, who is napping. Becca will be here any minute and then Owen comes at 11:30 and Rachel at 3:30. I won't be alone again until after 7:30 tonight at which point I have to study, gees!

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