Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Insane in the Membrane

Wow...there's nothing like coming back to school after a week away. My head is already spinning and I have so much to do it isn't even funny.

Between now and December 4 I have:

-A chemistry lab "visitation day" where I have to teach a 20 minute lesson to four different groups of elementary students
-My final project in chemistry due, which includes two extensive lesson plans and a whole lot of writing
-My final report from the student visitation day due
-An exam in chemistry on mole conversions and other stuff I don't get
-A final exam in my Earth Science lab
-The draft due date for my 5-part Reading final portfolio
-My second 10-15 minute lesson plan and presentation for Music 320
-To learn two different recorder songs that I have to play in class
-My basal comparisons project due for reading 210
-Probably at least one or two things I've momentarily forgotten

And on top of that to keep up with the basic, everyday stuff from the classes which includes homework, reading assignments, and understanding concepts (chemistry) that do not come easily for me. GOOD TIMES!

But it will all be over soon and I can put this semester behind me. Next semester will still be a lot of work but it should be much more enjoyable for me based on the classes I'll be taking. Right this minute though all I can really think about is that nice long break over Christmas...I can't wait!


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