Friday, May 02, 2008

Finally done!

Well the semester is over at last and now I can finally relax a little! I'll be taking a math class this summer but it doesn't start until May 30, so until then I have some time to focus on some things I want to do instead of all the stuff I have to do! My semester was actually quite successful, in spite of some of my initial concerns about geography. Here are my final grades:
  • Educational Learning & Development: A
  • Teacher Preparation Field Experience Online Practicum: A (Pass/No Pass and I passed:)
  • Multicultural Children's Lit: A
  • Feminism, Theory & Philosophy: A
  • Geography & World Regions: B
Not too bad all things considered! It was a heavy load, with work and life also piled on top, so I'm happy to have done so well. This means I've successfully completed a total of ten classes so far at Eastern, all in one short year...obstacles and all! I hope next year will go well too...I have much to do and some hurdles to jump over (math and physics!) in order to get prepared for student teaching. Mostly I can't wait to get all this education behind me so I can get a job and move on with life!!

Other than that I'm just staying busy with all the things that have been on hold due to school. My goal for this next week is to get signed up to become a sub. I went and got fingerprinted yesterday, and I have an orientation meeting on Wed. of next week. I'm hoping I can get everything lined up so I can actually sub a few days this school year, but we'll have to see if that actually pans out or not. The whole idea of subbing makes me nervous enough to feel sick...but I've got to bite the bullet at some point and get myself into the classroom! I'm sure I can handle the task, and the experience will do me good, but it will be a learning curve too. Undoubtedly there will be more to come where all this is concerned.

In other news, I found out Monday that my oldest friend in Michigan (by oldest I mean friend I've had the longest, not oldest age-wise) has just purchased a house two doors down from me! It will be interesting/exciting to have her living so close by. I'm sure we will have fun, and in many ways it will be nice to know I already know my new neighbor. :) I'm really happy for her, I know becoming a home owner is something she's been looking forward to for a long time now!

I guess that's about it for tonight. It's been a long day and I'm getting tired. It rained most of the day today, which we needed, but which also meant I was inside all day with the girls. Not bad necessarily, just more draining than when we can get outside to play.

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