Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Planting

I've spent the better part of the past several days getting all my spring planting done. There's a new grass garden behind our garage now and I planted three new Foxglove plants, three new Blanket Flower plants, and three more of a variety whose name is presently escaping me. They should go a long way towards rounding out the front garden. Thanks again to my parents for all the help! I also got all my annual hanging/porch baskets done. I planted five flats of annuals this year, plus a few other miscellaneous plants so this was a big job. I'm sporting one huge bruise on my leg and another on my head! The first is from walking into the corner of my dad's truck (ouch!) and the latter is from my run-in with a new metal plant stand I bought yesterday. The thing is long and awkward, not to mention heavy, so I had trouble situating it in the cart, along with two kids and a load of groceries. I thought all was well but I leaned over the cart to pick something up off the floor and SMACK, it came crashing down onto the side of my head. It hurt real bad and now I've got a huge knot on my head. :( I'm just thankful it didn't hit either of the girls or any other Meijer guests. It's been raining steadily all day and now the plant stand in question has actually managed to bend itself in half. I guess the hanging baskets are too heavy with all the water they're holding today. That or maybe it's just a piece of junk and I should take it back...the thing's been nothing bu trouble since I put it in my cart! Oh well...plant stand aside, I think all my baskets and new garden additions look nice...once they fill out some and are more worthy I'll post some pictures.

For now I'm off to make some white bean chicken chili to try and embrace this dreary day!

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Duck Hunter said...

are we going to see some photos of your garden?

Sounds great.. everything except the injury part.