Tuesday, May 20, 2008

People are so rude!

I was at the laundry mat again on Saturday, we've been without a washer now since September. I really can't wait for our govt. surplus check to arrive so we can finally get a new washing machine, I am sick of sharing with everyone else. My clothes were in the dryer while I was folding one load I had already taken out. I waited just under two minutes, two minutes to finish folding a couple things. The next time I looked up some woman had already removed more than half of my clothes from the dryer. I walked over and asked in a rather terse tone, "are those dry?" She said she thought they were. I made it clear that I was not happy about her inability to be a decent person. Apparently I was not the first person she had done the same thing to that day. I wonder what it is that makes people think they are more important than others? Why did she think she was entitled to touch my laundry and remove it from the dryer? As it turned out, the largest part of my load, a blanket was still fairly damp. She had to have known because she conveniently placed it on the bottom of the cart, so that I wouldn't know until it was too late. Again I made it known that I wasn't thrilled about having to wait 15 more minutes while my blanket dried. I just get so sick of people who seem to think the entire world revolves around them. As I left the laundry mat, I was not at all surprised to see that my little, rude friend was also the same woman who parked her car sideways in a questionable parking spot! Good grief!

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