Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tuscani Pasta

Wow...I'm super excited now! We haven't ordered pizza in a really long time, but we decided to treat ourselves today. I called the # I thought was for Pizza Hut, and quickly hung up because I thought I had dialed wrong. When I checked the # and called back, I knew something was up. Apparently Pizza Hut has a new line of "restaurant style pastas" called Tuscani Pasta. I LOVE pasta, but I rarely eat it unless I cook it at home, so this is a special treat for sure! It's a nice discovery on an otherwise cloudy day!

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Tracey said...

Melba, here is my email address

We are filling out all the paperwork for the adoption. We are mostly done, but we still have to get our medical screenings, get the FBI fingerprint check back (takes 6-8 weeks)and make our scrapbook for the birthmother's to choose from. I am hoping to be active by July.

Thanks for the good wishes! God Bless!