Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sometimes I feel really old when I'm here at school. This morning I overheard someone say "don't compare us to those old students...well, not old but you know, like the 30-year-olds. That makes a big difference and I don't like being compared." This is the girl (child) in my 8:00 a.m. class who talks a mile a minute to anyone who will listen. She was discussing how she didn't think it was fair that her teacher had lectured the class because the average on a test they took was only 64%. Am I missing something?

I like school most of the time, I really do...but I also want to be done. Sometimes I wish I had taken the less complicated road and gotten all of this done when I was still a child. I almost did go into education back then but life got in the way and things changed. Before I knew it I was 30 and still not feeling truly successful. I am...better late than never as they say. I wouldn't change the path I've taken...most of it has been great and most of the time life here at EMU is all good but today is one of those days, I just feel tired. The fact that I don't have the same energy these younger people have is making itself known today. I try to have tolerance for their youth but then I listen to their conversations and I really don't think I was THAT immature when I was their age.

Whatever! I guess I'm just grumpy. I've got my impending math test, it's supposed to rain for the next three+ days, I'm hungry, and finals are coming up. Grrrrr!


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