Tuesday, April 01, 2008


A sure sign of spring...worms! They're everywhere today after the rain we had last night. The earth smells entirely different and I'm 100% convinced it's because of the worms. Once upon a time I would have made an "ewww" face at the sight of so many worms wriggling about, but now that I'm a gardener I realize the intrinsic value of the slimy goobers. My acceptance of them has come in stages. First I was disgusted by them, then I would touch them as long as I had my gloves on and now I just pick them up without a care in the world. Strange how one can adapt to such things over time.

Today I should probably wear an insanity badge. If anyone saw me on the way from my class over here to the library, I's sure they got a kick out of my behavior. I was actually stopping to pick up the wandering worms and throw them back into the grass. My mission is twofold: First it's to save the worms from certain death due to foot traffic; after all, they do so much for my garden at home, I think rescuing them is the least I can do. Second it's to help out the grass and soil here at EMU. Worm poop works like magic for grass and plants!

Good times.


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