Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Blue is Better!

You may remember my post about my attempt to keep my dog, Ditto from biting and chewing on some bites she got on her feet. Well since that time, my efforts have been basically to no avail. The sock trick worked for a while, but inevitably I would see her manage to work her way around my contraption. We found some after bite cream that seemed to help quite a bit, but that only lasts so long, besides the fact I don't really want my dog eating a bunch of anti-itch cream. I finally decided I would have to break down and buy her an Elizabethan collar to keep her from continuing this problematic behavior. I went to PetCo and was introduced to the newer, more pet friendly version of the plastic cone collar. The first size we bought was too small and she was able to maneuver around it, but I think we've finally found the size that will work. I can already see that the bites she couldn't reach with the first collar are much improved, so I imagine she will be as good as new in a few more days. In the meantime, we get to be graced by the presence of this lovely little face, neatly framed in blue:

Isn't technology wonderful?


Michael said...

Think of it as a life belt for the dog.. all we need now is soem for of pool

CJ said...

What a sweety. Glad your taking such good care of her.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. And to answer up, it won't get much cooler here till October.:(