Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pathetic Puppy

Our dog, Ditto has been chewing at her paws these past couple days. At first I thought nothing of this because, after all, she can be a bit neurotic at times. Then last night she got the sheets wet at the bottom of our bed because she was licking at her paws so much--can you say ewwww?! After that happened we tied a towel around her neck to try and discourage her licking. Then today I noticed she's getting scabs in the place where she's been chewing incessantly. I don't see anything wrong with her paws, so my best guess is that she has some mosquito bites under her fur or something. Well I finally got fed up with her chewing on her feet this afternoon (she would bite at them and then shake her head a little as if it was really bugging her) so I decided to get creative. Socks seemed to be the best answer. I checked to see if I had any leftover kid socks since they would be the perfect size, but no such luck. My next option was an old pair of my socks. I put them on her and secured the ends with hair ties to make them as snug as possible. I wanted to be sure not to make them so tight as to hurt Ditto's feet, but I wanted them to stay put too. This quickly got on her nerves and she was walking in a really funny way.

The solution didn't last long because she just couldn't stand the feeling of those hair ties near her paws. Here she is looking all forlorn after having pulled off one of the two socks...time for me to get even more creative!

My next tactic was to attach the hair ties to her collar and then attach them to the socks. This way she wasn't as annoyed by the ties and the socks would still stay in place, thereby preventing her from chewing off her paws!

Clearly neither of the dogs were too thrilled with my creativity, but I figure I can endure their penetrating, pathetic puppy stares if it's going to save us from unnecessary money spent at the animal clinic! didn't take Ditto long to decide she could live with the socks enough to play ball, and subsequently fall fast asleep on the dining room floor under my feet, which, consequently, is where she is as this is being typed. Welcome to my wacky world!


Just Me. said...

AWWW... i had to giggle at the pictures.

Your furry babies look so cute! And Ditto with socks look even cuter! I have a furry baby and she used to nibble on her paws. And it annoyed the shit out of me! :)

Jen said...

this is the best thing i've read in so long the pictures make it though!!! i LOVE ditto in socks... so so so adorable!!! thanks for the input... coffee coffee coffee :)

Anonymous said...

OH. MY. GOD. This is freakin' hilarious! I can just picture you trying to tie socks/hairbands to that poor puppy's collar. Love the picture with the yellow border. Too funny....

Anonymous said...

poor doggie haha Those pictures are adorable.

The poor pup could have allergies. Normally the feet are the first thing to ich. It could be a foot allergy or grass allergy (or anything in the grass)

Alot of dogs will get ichy (or dry) feet when they are allergic to something.

My dog is allergic to Corn and she will get like that if she eat any treats of food that contain corn (alot of cheaper food will use corn as a filler)

When we first adopted her she was so bad her feet would bleed EWW

It's worth looking into if it gets to bad. But then again it could just be a few bug bites.