Friday, July 25, 2008

Peculiar Park Incident

On Wednesday I went to the park near my house with my sisters, my niece, my friend Molly, and her two daughters. We had a good time while the girls played, but we also discovered something rather peculiar. Apparently some local kids (probably teenagers) thought it would be funny to place an old couch up on top of the big climbing rock. I actually think whoever did this must have worked pretty hard to get the thing up there. The couch was definitely not light!

After the requisite photo was taken, Molly (being the awesome Safety Queen she is) decided to climb up on the rock and check things out. The couch was very wobbly, so Molly took matters into her own hands. After making sure no kids were in the area, she shoved the couch down off the rock. We all felt this was in everyone's best interest since someone could have gotten seriously hurt if they'd tried to sit on the couch while it was on the rock.

Of course it didn't take long for kids who were present at the time to come check out the new seating. They thought the idea of their very own couch as a park accessory was pretty cool. Even the teenagers who were "playing" at the park during this time decided to jump from the rock down onto the couch. How I love teenagers and their constant desire to set good examples for the youngsters in their midst. Unfortunately I didn't capture any pictures of their antics, even though I know how very sad that is.

I guess you never know when an ordinary afternoon at the park is going to turn into something more than a little weird. I'm glad I had my cell phone, and even more glad my cell phone is a camera phone. :)

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