Friday, August 15, 2008

From Drab to...

...well not quite fab (yet,) but I have been spending a majority of my time these past several days painting our dining room.

Despite all the work involved, I actually enjoy painting projects. To me it's one of the simplest and least expensive ways to completely transform a room. Anyone who's been here can clearly see how much I also love color. To me there's nothing quite as boring as a white wall! We have a midevil gold (brown) living room, blue master bedroom, green guest room, purple/yellow guest room, peach bathroom, sunshine yellow kitchen, and now to round it all out, a cayenne pepper red dining room! I'm sure a lot of people would come in our home and feel threatened by all the colors, but for me bold is the only way to go...I guess it's in my nature! As for Michael, he's used to having to incorporate my ideas. There was a time when we might have fought about things such as what color to paint a room, but we've reached a comfortable agreement that if I'm willing to do the work involved, I also get full design privileges, he really is a great guy. :)

This room is the last in our house to receive any TLC from me, and also the room that seems to take the brunt of our lack of storage, (i.e. clutter) so it's been a big job. Day one was spent cleaning out and moving the varying pieces of bulky furniture we have, day two was spent taping and painting the ceiling, and yesterday and today have been spent painting the walls. Last but not least will be installing new curtains (a job I'm hoping Michael will tackle) and then, finally re-assembling the room, hopefully in a much neater fashion. Although I have enjoyed the small computer cave I've created for myself amidst all the chaos, I will be relieved when the room is no longer such a disheveled mess.

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Cari said...

I used to paint a room every couple of months or so. Now, I know what works for me, and what I don't like. I haven't painted anything in about a year.

Ed doesn't say anything about it anymore either, as long as he doesn't have to help. I am wanting to repaint the kitchen, but I haven't picked a color. There is also old wall paper that needs to come down first.