Monday, June 09, 2008

Out With the Old

At long last this ancient washing machine that's been in our basement for probably 32ish years will be going to the place washing machines go after they die. It's had a good run - I think it probably is original to the house, which was built in 1975. We've lived here since 2001, and up until this past September we couldn't complain.

But nine months is a LONG time to live without a washing machine! We've been carting clothes to the laundry mat or a family members house all this time and I am just ready to be done with that whole fiasco. After Michael and I did some shopping around this past week, I went to Home Depot this morning and made the coveted purchase of a new washing machine. The one I got is nothing super fancy, but it will do the trick, which is all that matters! I must say, I now have a whole new respect for people who live their lives between visits to the laundry mat!


Sherri said...

Awesome girl :) I am super happy for you, this is something that you deserve.

love Sher

Holly said...

I am happy for you!! I know going to the laundry mat is a BIG FAT PAIN!!!

Are they going to deliver it?


CJ said...

I can relate. I just recently had to repair my 15 year old washer. My brother asked me if it was the same washer that my parents bought me when I purchased my home and I said yes. Why are we so ready to disgard? But 32 years is time I guess but I thought 15 years was way too soon. I'm not a patient fella but fixed it with a $32 part and some sweat. As far as laundramats I couldn't find one listed anywhere here in the Sugar Land area. But I kind of like the idea of washing 5 loads at once.