Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just a little fun

I found this on Tracey's blog and I thought it was cute...I'm killing time until Michael gets home so what the heck!!

i am: loving the sound of the rain
i think: chocolate chip cookies are yummy
i know: the rest of this summer is going to fly by
i want: to grow a family
i have: two of the sweetest dogs on the planet
i wish: toilets cleaned themselves.
i hate: bills
i miss: Mum
i fear: losing the ones I love
i feel: like I'm about to die of heat exhaustion
i hear: there's that rain again
i smell: cookies in the oven
i crave: see above answer
i search: for the answers to all the big questions...what's it all about?
i wonder: what we will name our baby
i regret: nothing...the mistakes have shaped who I am and led me to here
i love: my dear, sweet husband
i care: about our environment
i always: brush my teeth in the morning
i am not: mean
i believe: there must be some reason
i dance: like a dork
i sing: whenever I have the opportunity
i cry: rarely in front of others
i don’t always: tell people how I really feel
i write: passionately
i lose: my temper...but only on occasion
i never: intentionally hurt animals
i listen: to awesome music
i can usually be found: near my computer
i am scared: of a failed adoption
i need: to feel valued and appreciated
i am happy about: beginning the next chapter of our lives

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