Monday, June 23, 2008


Blogger has recently released a new page element called "Blog List" and so far it's a feature I love! This handy little element keeps a real time account of blogs as they are updated and even shows a snippet of the most recent posts if you set up that feature. It's a pretty cool way to stay current on the blogs I read regularly.

In other news, it's a lovely day here today, sunny and about 80ish. I just finished mowing the grass and now the yard looks like green velvet carpet. I'm still losing horribly in my battle against the weeds, but I try to ignore them as much as possible. As I type I can hear the birds chirping happily as they spill the food we recently gave them all over the porch. I have math homework to do and a big test for which I need to study, but other than that, the rest of my day is yet unclaimed...

I'm currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert for a new book club one of my friends has organized. At first the book wasn't doing a whole lot for me, but now it's gotten much better. I'm almost finished with it, a full week in advance of our first book club meeting. What a nerd!

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