Monday, April 21, 2014

Two weeks in...

Well we are two weeks into the juicing thing and still going strong. While I haven't had any more significant weight loss, I have maintained my initial loss without being overly careful. I can also honestly say this whole endeavor has made me feel so much better. 

My energy is still high, and I am also still (mostly) caffeine free not counting the occasional cup of tea. Another benefit I didn't plan on - I have greatly reduced my dependency on OTC pain relievers. My go-to drug of choice was ibuprofen, or sometimes Tylenol.  I would say that 5/7 days in any given week would have seen me taking two or more doses of the stuff, just for general aches and pains like headaches or leg cramps.  Now I'd say I'm down to 1/7 days where I take ANY OTC pain relievers, and when I do, I can take smaller doses and still feel completely better. 

Also--TMI ALERT IF YOU CARE--last week I started the first period I've had since January. As someone who has had a consistently inconsistent cycle my entire adult life, this is a big deal. It means my body is becoming healthier, and trying to self-regulate. I'll take it, and I can only hope the contined influx of veggies and low GI fruits will continue to work their magic on my system. 

If nothing else, this has been a great learning experience, and a generally good thing for the hubby and I to do together. It's nice to have a partner in crime, and someone to bounce ideas off of in terms of juice recipes and ways to make it all easier and more sustainable. 

Speaking of ease, last night I tried the trick of lining the pulp-catcher with a plastic bag before using the juicer. SMART! It saved me a lot of time in the cleanup process, and it also made the job of carrying the pulp out to the compost bin a bit easier to complete.

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