Thursday, April 10, 2014

Top Shelf

The top shelf of our fridge is slightly ridiculous after my most recent Sam's Club run.  You can't even see the light come on anymore because the produce is stacked so high:

I've honestly never bought so much produce in a week in my entire life. I guess if we are using it then it's a worthwhile expense. Certainly beats spending that extra money eating out, which is what we would have been doing last week. 

I stopped in to restock our supply of greens, and ended up picking up a few new things to try in the juicer too.  Among them, green beans and sugar snap peas. At this point we're still experimenting and trying to nail down exactly what an how much we need to buy in order to sustain juicing 3x a day for 2 people. Haven't found the formula yet, but have found a few really good "go to" juice recipes. At the moment my favorite green is spinach. It's very water-packed so it yields a lot of juice. It's also nutrient dense and very low in calories so that's a triple-win in my book. 

Onward and upward...

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