Thursday, November 06, 2008

One of Eight

"Ladies and Gentleman, we have a jury." That's what I heard earlier today...and yes, I'm on that jury! I went in for my day of duty in Detroit, fully expecting to sit there for a few hours and then be dismissed. Instead I was selected to serve as a juror. As soon as we entered the court room I had this uncanny feeling my name would get called, and I was right. Due to my oath of confidentiality, I will not be writing about or discussing the case until after deliberations are over.

As you may be aware from my previous post on this topic, I had a really big chip on my shoulder regarding the timing of this whole thing. As a full time working student with a life, this is pretty much the worst possible time for me to be summoned. I'm still considerably stressed about how I will be able to stay above board in all my classes in light of this new demand of my time; however, I'm actually feeling somewhat excited about being a juror. My attitude has improved considerably since this morning...though it may change again before this is all over. I only hope all of my professors will be understanding of the situation - I guess they have no choice since I'm fulfilling a civic responsibility. Sometimes in life you just have to do what you have to do, this is an excellent example.


Anonymous said...

Timbot here.. So, I know the teachers can't "punish" you for missing class for jury duty, but there must be some process to go through so you don't miss the class material. Just curious what they do, in the event I get selected for a jury too. And then given that trails go on for many many hours a day, are you expected to do your homework during the night, when you're also trying to do all the stuff you couldn't get done during the day coz you're in court?

Just seems like it could become bothersome to be responsible. Which is why they have to be to such sticklers on "you've been selected, no soup for you."

Melba said...

Hey Tim,

I really don't know the standard procedure/protocol or even if there is one. So far I've spoken to each of my professors individually and they've all been very understanding. They have no more choice in the matter than I do, but yes...I am still expected to do my best at getting all my work/assignments turned in, despite spending most of my time in the jury box. I have a feeling these next two weeks are going to be absolutely exhausting! Hopefully you'll be able to escape a ticket to the same boat...


Duck Hunter said...

I've never been chosen. I think it would be very interesting to see a court in action and then say, "guilty" at the end.