Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just Bread and Lettuce...

...OK so at school yesterday let me just set the scene for you:

I'm in the largest building on campus and it's absolutely packed with fellow students. I'm hungry and class starts in 20 minutes.

I wait patiently in the long line to get my overly priced turkey sandwich but when it's finally my turn she can't find any more turkey sandwiches. "I'll take the chicken salad instead then" I reply. Seven dollars and forty seven cents later I've got my lunch. So over to the bench I go to quickly eat my sandwich before class. I open the container and I am dismayed to find that there is nothing more than bread, wilted lettuce, and a slimy tomato in a bag. Irritated, tired, and hungry at this point I march back up to the counter and (politely) say, "I didn't get any actual chicken salad, there's just bread and lettuce here." The guy looked at me, looked at my sandwich container, looked back at me and then with a huge grin said, "that's the chicken salad right there" as he pointed to the small container I had presumed to be potato salad nestled next to my bread and lettuce lunch.

OK so I haven't felt that stupid in quite a while! I did at least have the good grace to laugh at myself but SERIOUSLY! "There's nothing but bread and lettuce here." WHAT A MORON!

I don't think I'll be frequenting that cafe again for a while...

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Duck Hunter said...

You didn't make that sandwich sound very good. "wilted lettuce", "slimy tomato".