Saturday, January 12, 2008

Drinking the Drip

So I guess all older homes come with their share of issues...maybe homes in general do? Anyway...a new issue for the little house we call home is a steady drip from the kitchen sink. We think all it needs is a new washer (or something) but we still haven't made the time to fix it. In the meantime I've discovered that the drip produces approximately one full glass of water per night.


I always get water first thing in the morning anyway so now I just leave a glass in the sink before bed and then my water is ready and waiting in the morning. Now I don't have to feel guilty about wasted water and I even save myself a little time by having my water ready and waiting when I need it.

And in case you're wondering about the drip from daytime hours...I follow the same principle only I use the collections to water my plants or fill up the dog's bowl. It's quite productive actually. I think everyone should have a dripping faucet.

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Duck Hunter said...

this post got my laughing tonight. Thanks!

At least you are putting that drip to use. Like you said, it's almost worth not fixing.