Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well I'm home at last but unfortunately I've caught what either Nick or Nan had. I'm currently doped up on several kinds of medication and I still have a fever of 100.1. :((

I'm not going to school today which actually really sucks. I don't like missing school at all but there was just no way I could go out there in the frigid cold and snow storm and try to function normally today. My head feels about 500 times its normal size and it's throbbing like nobody's business. I feel like there's a small, horrifying monkey behind my eyeballs jumping up and down and pounding away with his needle-sharp hammer. I have a cough that sounds like a seal and my throat is on fire. I already felt badly for Nan and Nick over the weekend and now I have even more sympathy for how they felt. This sucks.

I was up off and on throughout the night coughing and carrying on but even so I got up this morning with complete intentions of heading out for the day. I've had a shower and I'm dressed in several layers of clothing in order to go brave the cold.

Why is it that when you're not sick you forget how miserable it is to be sick? But then when you are sick you feel like you'll never feel better again? Weird.

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