Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just in the Nick of Time!

OK so I just got home from a very long and exhausting day at school. I'm very tired and I have a headache. Immediately after letting the dogs out, I went to the medicine cabinet to get some Sudafed for said headache. Let's just say that until today, I never realized how similar generic laxative pills and Sudafed are! Luckily, I noticed the difference just in the nick of time, before I accidentally swallowed two laxatives!! I think it was the packaging that was the most misleading and made me grab the wrong one. Both come in a silver foil-type sheet of pills. Thankfully, the pill manufacturers are smart enough to realize the possibility of this error, so they make the pills different colors. NOTE TO SELF: Sudafed pills are red, laxative pills are orange! I seriously noticed this difference as I was filling up my water glass, right before popping the pills into my mouth. Whew! I am very thanful I avoided this mishap...the last thing I need right now is those kinds of problems on top of everything else! The photo below is pretty bad since I took it with my cell phone, but you can still see how similar they you know!

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Duck Hunter said...

Be careful!