Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Just Re-usable!

This year is bringing about some changes at our house in terms of environmental friendliness. For years now I have been sick of plastic grocery bags. Stores always give way too many of them relative to the amount of groceries, and the things seem to quickly multiply and take up too much space at my house. Still, despite my knowledge of how bad they are for the environment, I've never taken the initiative to do much about this least not until now. I decided to finally buy myself some re-usable bags and it was a very smart purchase! Not only are the bags re-usable, they are also practical, and adorable! The set I bought contains five bags that fold up into a tiny little carrying case. They are ~ twice the size of a regular plastic bag, AND they're cute...what more could a girl want?

Here you can see one re-usable bag with a grocery bag on top and then the four other re-usable bags and carrying case. I'm excited about my next trip to the grocery store for the first time in years! I even think our store gives a little money back if you bring your own bags, so it's a win-win situation.

This is a photo of the carrying case that holds five re-usable bags. I included the pen so you can get a sense of the scale. This is tiny and could easily fit in a glove compartment or purse. I actually think I'll remember to bring them to the store with me because they're so portable.

We've also got a new thing going in place of plastic sandwich baggies. For Christmas Michael asked for "wrap-n-mat" re-usable sandwich bags, and several of them showed up in his stocking. These little treasures are also great! They fold up into the size of a sandwich and can also be used as an eating surface. I take my lunch to Eastern every day and it's nice to have this barrier between my food and the tables in the lounge. Prior to this little addition to my lunch hour arsenal, I used to spread out paper towels, or try to hold my food the entire time (you never know what's been on those tables or how long it's been since their last bath!) so these have been really handy. Oh, and did I mention they are also easy to use as cute as a button? :)

I'm sorry but I think everyone should have at least a few of only regret is that we didn't have both of these products sooner!

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Bri said...

I jumped on the re-usable shopping bags a few months ago. I leave them in my car, but for awhile still had trouble remembering. Then, if I forgot, I made myself hold up the line at the grocery store to go get them- now I remember!