Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Michael and I took pictures of the moon's eclipse tonight. This is the last one until 2010. Of course these photos are limited by the equipment we have but they're actually not bad considering. It's a neat looking moon and thanks to the bitter cold we're experiencing right now we had a beautifully clear sky in which to see it! When we came inside there was actually ice on my tripod and we were freezing! Our results were well worth the effort though and we had fun!!

The one below (with the tree branches) is my favorite, it was taken by Michael!


Duck Hunter said...

I agree. I like that last shot. You guys are brave. If it was that cold, I would not have went out there.

Jen said...

those are so beautiful!
thanks for your post over on my blog a little while back... I just made a new post, haven't had much on-line time lately... i'm entertaining the idea of having all of my favorite women over to the house soon... we'll see if i really have what it takes to plan anything... i've been pretty isolated these last few months and am feelin' the need to "re-connect"
hoping all is well for you