Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sweet Relief!

I never thought I'd be happy with a "c" at this stage of my educational career but halleluiah I passed my chemistry class!!!!!! I just received my final grades and overall they look not bad, here's the synopsis:
  • Word Study in the Reading Program = A
  • Music for Elementary Education = A
  • Issues/Trends in Literacy Education = A-
  • Earth Science for Elementary Education = B
  • Chemistry for Elementary Education = C
I could literally jump for joy right now! I've been SO WORRIED about my chemistry grade after how much I struggled with the whole class but especially those last few chapters and tests. It is sweet relief to know that it's over and I passed. Now the only big hurdles left for me are math and physics, which I can probably space out appropriately over the rest of my semesters so I won't go crazy.

Today is a good day!!!

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Duck Hunter said...

congrats! Glad you made it through Chem.