Thursday, December 20, 2007

Done and Done!

Oh and what a huge relief it is to be done with that crazy semester!! I have to say I'm very glad it's over. Now I can relax a little and then (maybe) finally do something about this impending holiday we've got coming up. I'm never this last minute but honestly this year it just crept up.

In other news, today is my little nieclet, Ava Marie's first birthday!! Yet another example of how very quickly this year has come and gone. I have been very blessed to be close to Ava this past year and I have enjoyed every moment I've had with her. She is such a sweet, cute little girl and I think (though admittedly I may be biased) quite smart as well. She's walking and saying lots of words already. Yesterday I said, "is it lunch time?" and she replied with, "Ava eat." She said "Ava" with a short A even though it's pronounced with a long A so it was very babyish and sweet. She says and does so much these days and it's such joy for me to watch her grow and learn so many new things! Hard to believe that this time last year we were all in the hospital down in Monroe wishing her a good night's sleep! Here's to you, Baby Ava Marie!!

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