Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today I'm tired...

I went to work at the college photo lab tonight which was strange after being gone from there for over three weeks. One of the weeks was a planned day off, when I was on vacation and the other two were unexpected due to car problems. I'm not sure if I still like working there and if the situation is still mutually beneficial or not. But the paycheck (small though it is) is certainly nice so what do I do?

Byron left nasty notes in the log about people "washing their hands clean" of their duties and neglecting to fulfill their work responsibilities by not finding someone to cover shifts they are unavailable to work. There is also a new policy in effect about the sub list. Apparently we can no longer be trusted to write our own names on the sub list, instead we have to contact a superviser and have them fill it out for us. Now I realize that several employees in a row were unable to work their regularly scheduled shifts and also unable to find substitutes - and I also realize this must have caused some frustration at the lab. All that is fine but one thing I really don't like is when people (usually bosses) issue blanket statements and/or blatantly change rules and policies without really addressing any of the issues at hand. If I had been confronted about my un-covered shifts I would have been able to tell my story which was that I did try to call my fellow co-workers and none of them were able to cover for me...and also that I did attempt to let Byron know about the shceduling conflict only I wasn't able to do that because he wasn't working his regularly scheduled shift. I would have also been able to point out that I did inform the instructor whose class I was supposed to work that I would not be there for my shift, a fact which seems to have been completely overlooked. Whatever - I'm just frustrated and I feel that it's a little disrespectful for him to leave blanket statements regarding these types of things in our community log. I'm sure this too shall pass and I'll be fine soon enough.

I've been very tired all day and am not sure why...maybe it's the weather? Anyway...I'm off for now, just needed to vent a little.


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