Sunday, June 11, 2006

Here I am...

and here I am. I'ts 12:44 a.m. Sunday morning and for some reason I'm stull going strong. It's been a weird day today, very up and down, which is really nothing unexpected.

Michael has been in a crappy mood most of the day - for unexplained reasons. Even though I've tried not to channel his negative energy, I've decided that I'm definitely an "emotional sponge" as my oprah magazine so eloquently put it. I tend to soak up the emotions, both negative and positive of people I'm around. I also think the closer (more connected) I am to a person the more a sponge I become. I wish I could be less of a sponge and more of a duck's back...I think that would make things much easier.

But enough of that for now, I'm tired of it. I'm new to blogger and it looks pretty cool. I've been keeping a blog on lj for over a year now so it's probably time for a fresh new blog spot anyway!



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