Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three Weeks to Go...

...Ha!  I was planning to update this blog every couple of weeks during student teaching.  Obviously that didn't happen.  It's not entirely a bad thing though, I'm kind of glad that I went the paper-journaling route. 

I could say much about my experiences but I think it would be most prudent for that to wait until after I'm officially done.  Honestly I can't believe there are only three weeks left in this semester.  I will miss the children more than I can say but I will also be so glad to have this chapter behind me.

This coming week is short because of Thanksgiving and I'm really happy about that.  The extra time off will do me some good, I'm sure.  I only have two more observations and a handful of assignments left to complete and I will be DONE.  What a tremendous relief and weight off my shoulders!

Then it's on to my next semester, which (at least at this point) seems like it will be a really good placement for me.  Come on April...come on graduation!




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