Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Special Time of Year

There's nothing quite like fall in Michigan. The tantalizing smell of warm cider and doughnuts seems to permeate the air all around. The colors burst forth from the trees, offering their brilliant farewell on the way to winter. The days are crisp and the nights are cold. You can see your breath in the air for the first time in a long time. Early morning frost covers the world like a blanket. I could go on, for every year when autumn rolls around, I remember that fall is my most favorite time of year. Then again, every time of year is my favorite time of year! When the first silencing snow falls in December, I'll have to admit that in fact, winter is my favorite time of year...and Of course when the flowers bloom in early spring I will smile with the notion that spring is indeed my favorite time of year after all. And then summer will come again and I'll be reminded that the long, languid days in the sun are really the best part of every year, hands down. What can I say - I'm a seasons person. I sort of feel like Michigan chose me rather than me choosing her, but I don't think I would be very happy living in a place where the seasons were a blur. Michigan is my home and she fits me well.

Today husband and I went to the cider mill as an ode to this delightful autumn. The day is ideal for such a visit, as was evidenced by the many families who shared our idea of what to do on an autumn afternoon in Michigan. We got there at around 12:45 and the lines were just beginning to get long. We bought our bag of apples, got our hot cider and warm doughnuts, and sat down at a lovely table under an old tree to share our delights with the few remaining bees in the area. It was a lovely outing.

Autumn in a cup!

Good enough to share!


Cari said...

Fall is my favorite time of year!! I could sit on the porch all day and just watch the leaves fall. We have been enjoying the weather and I am looking forward to it getting colder. I can hardly wait for everyone to start burning leaves!!

Duck Hunter said...

Yep, I enjoy it too. Those b+w shots are excellent!

Anonymous said...

which cider mill did you guys go to? im always looking for new ones that i dont know about...

and the bees seem much more aggressive this year. or it is just me being bugged.. hah!


Sarah said...

This post is lovely... descriptions are perfect. I feel the same way about the seasons. When I came out onto the front porch yesterday and the leaves in our front yard had changed overnight to gold, I think I fell in love with autumn a little more. I'm truly so glad that I live in a place with four clearly defined seasons... there's always something to look forward to.